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Wilson's Entries - An After Action Report

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Entry 1

Where do I begin? I guess an explanation is in order.

My name is Wilson P. Higgsbury, gentleman scientist, and, although I have no idea if anyone one else besides I will see this, have decided to write down my recollections on the past few... days... weeks... months? It’s been forever since I’ve been able to recall how many days have passed since I first woke here. Whatever amount of days have passed, it’s a refreshing change of pace to just standing by a fire while waiting for the morning to come.

I don’t know why I was brought here. All I know that I woke up one day in the middle of nowhere. Actually, now that I think about it, I did remember someone talking to me before I woke up. What was it that I heard?

Say pal, you don’t look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes.

How did I remember that? I wasn’t even awake yet it’s firmly in my memory, as if it had happened just yesterday. Well, I guess I can say that I took that advice to heart.

I’ve learned quickly the rules of this land, having spent my first days here on the brink of death. Never mess with anything you can’t handle, never explore without proper preparations, and most of all, never mess with a swamp.

I still recall the horrifying night I spent in one, huddled by a dying fire as I wished for morning to come Sooner, the rumbling of the ground keeping me on the edge, a spear at my side at all times.

And yet I survived. No matter how many times I felt death was ready to claim me, I survived. As I continue to write this, I look back in my memories of this place, of all the hardships I’ve suffered, of all the setbacks I had to overcome, of all the troubles I encountered. What is this all for? Why is this happening to me? Am I destined to spend the rest of my life here?

All of these questions from a man seeking answers. Answers that I will probably never receive. And questions I have long since accepted will remain unanswered.

I will say one thing good out of this entire thing. I don’t have to spend my time on this island alone. Whether we’re all victims of circumstance, or something more, having people to fall back to has made this ordeal a whole lot easier to manage.

The fire is dying, and the sun is slowly rising. I have a long day ahead.

- Wilson


Hello everyone! Author here! I guess I should explain what I am attempting here. I've decided that I would attempt my very first After Action Report and use Don't Starve as my guinea pig on the subject. I apologize in advance for a lackluster first part, but I've decided just to try to give my adventure through Don't Starve a bit of a creative spin, try to write each update in whatever way possible, and maybe even have some pictures to help give you an idea of how things are going on. I hope this all goes well. Criticism and Comments are welcome, hopefully that I will be able to improve and figure things out.
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jujubomber    30

First I'll say welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay.

I like what you have so far. :) As for critiques, I can't do much fiction wise except for minor things. Though if you do post pics and want critique for that as well, I can provide for there.

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Word repeat.

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Entry 2


Now that I’m writing again, I’ve decided to take up stock of my current base. Even though I’ve been doing this in my head for a while now, having it written on paper has a useful effect of keeping myself organized and allows me to focus on other tasks.

Southwest of my camp is a small plot filled with saplings, a useful place to collect twigs to help form the base of many tools and equipment. Northwest is a plot for grass, ready to be picked and formed into lengths of rope, necessary to keep things bound together. And to my northeast, lies a forest and meadow, a bee box regularly tended to its bees that I made several days ago. These resources have proven extremely useful to my--

The howling, the barking.

They’re near.

Hounds are becoming a larger problem, their attacks more frequent, their numbers increased with each attack on me. They even sometimes are accompanied by their red-colored ilk, their deaths causing flames to erupt from their corpses. Yet I know their one weakness.

They are hungry.

Every time I hear the hounds approaching, I drop what I’m doing and I take flight for a nearby clearing, making sure to arm myself with whatever weapons and armor I have at hand. I don’t want a stray flame to destroy all my hard work. Then, I drop a single piece of meat, knowing that the hounds would greedily rush to it instead of me. Before they can eat it, I strike each of them down.


Now that they’re dead, I return to my business, harvesting twigs, cutting grass, and collecting honey. The sun Soon goes down, leaving me scrambling to get the fire started. With a roaring fire, I continue to write, my stomach grumbling. I searched through my bags, realizing the only thing I could eat was from those monsters. It would take too long for it to be properly prepared, and I have a ready supply of honey to counter act the pain. Cooking the meat, I summon my courage and bite in, each bite my body screaming out in agony as the food settles in my stomach, both disgusted and desiring it. My heart pounds painfully as I eat another meal, my mind blacking out every now and then as I continue to eat. With my stomach full, I quickly consume some honey; the pain dulled enough to allow me to write this all to begin with.

Both the honey and monster meat are curious things that I’ve studied quite a bit ever since I first had my hands on some samples. Maybe it’s the bees, or maybe it’s how the honey is made, it’s medicinal properties are just short of miraculous. The monster meat, both filling and painful, also continues to entice my mind, even after every painful encounter I had forced to eat it.

I’m too exhausted to write anymore. Hopefully the hounds won’t attack me for a couple of days now.

- Wilson


Hey again, and thanks for the responses you've given me so far. Sorry, I'm not much of an artist, the only pictures I'll post will probably be all in-game photos, using my play through as a foundation for my story. The hounds? Completely happened right when I started again. Sometimes you never know what the game will send you. And I guess it's a bit of cheating playing a game which I'm somewhat built in already, but I personally find it a bit impossible for Wilson to start any entries right at the beginning, completely empty handed, forced to survive his first days. Who knows? Maybe I'll decide some restrictions to make this game, and as a result this story, more interesting.

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I should curse my luck. Not even a week passes until the hounds attack again. Is there a reason behind these attacks? I fear the day when these attacks become too much for me. The rest of the week was thankfully less eventful.


The position of my base keeps me in close contact with a village of pig men to the south. This close proximity has proven a huge aid in my survival. I have found that although the pigs are suspicious and wary of strangers, their attitudes are quick to change when offered meat. Any meat.

This has proven both to my benefit and my handicap.

It seems monster meat has more effects than being just painful to eat. I recall a time long ago when I gathered an army of these pig men, using their aid to clear out several spider nests to the west, gaining tons of spider silk in the process. Unfortunately, the pig men themselves suffer from the same weakness as the hounds.

Their hunger.


I didn’t even realize what was happening at first, but when I heard that howl, I turned to see one of the pig men had changed, his skin now covered with fury, his teeth sharp and pointed, and a soulless bloodlust in his eyes. The changed pig man struck out against his fellow kin, the other pig men attacking in return. The changed pig man was put down by his fellows, and then what I saw next disgusted me. The other pig men devoured the changed pig man, skin and all, leaving only the bones to rot in the middle of a forest. It happened so fast yet it stayed in my mind since.

I kept my attention to the pig men as we continued clearing out the area of spider nests, trying to figure out what was happening. Realizing that they were eating the flesh of the spiders as well, I had deuced that it was the tainted meat that was changing them, seeing a pair of other pig men turn into beasts before my eyes as well. I lost nearly all the pig men before the dust settled; the survivors ready to gorge themselves on the flesh of their fallen friends. I was quick to grab what scraps I could, horrified and curious at the same time.

I digress, that week; I went into the pig village to collect their manure. I realize that I have a large abundance of seeds in one of my chests and I should use them for something more than just a quick snack. Again, the pigs act wary of me. Perhaps they know what I’ve done to their fellow brethren. Yet they still proclaim me a friend should I provide them meat. Any meat. By the end, I was able to complete three farming plots, a small way away from my base. Hopefully no birds will eat it before it's fully grown.


I’m getting low on stone. There’s a large stone quarry to the north, but it’s infested with spider nests. I’m going to need another army.

- Wilson

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