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[Gameplay] Target selection with tools or weapons

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ShannonG    10

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Issue title

Target selection with tools or weapons

Steps to reproduce

Equip a tool or weapon
Click on or near a valid target for that tool/weapon
Receive info about another target close-by

Describe your issue

Once you have a tool or weapon in hand, the GUI/HMI should prefer targets of that tool or weapon (creatures).

I was low on health and kiting a swarm of spiders and slowly whittling them down until I went to stab one and got lovely information about my fire instead. x.x

While this might not be considered a bug per se, it severely affects gameplay when fighting (and the solution would aid the other tools as well). When I have a spear in hand and click on a mob that is behind a tree it needs to attack the mob not tell me that trees can burn!

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Wade    321

This is something we'll take into consideration, but we have no plans to change the design at this time. Changing the way that the targeting works would cause quite a few problems...

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