Hello, all! I'm Fid and I've figured out a way to replicate the Don't Starve Together big portrait style that is so simple that even someone like me who does not know how to make art can do it!
I had made a tutorial on how to do this long ago but at the time I was not doing it correctly nor did I explain it all very well... TBH, I'd rather that thread just die in a fire and this one take its place! I'm going to show you how to turn this: Into these: Step 1: Getting rid of the banner (If you are starting from scratch and don't have a DS version of the big portrait with a banner then skip to step 2) Step 2: Adjusting Saturation (If you already drew your character's big portrait art in a greyscaled colortone then go ahead and skip to step 3) Step 3: The paper cut-out effect   Step 4: Applying the background   Step 5: The "skin" portrait   Step 6: Creating and applying the name   Step 7: Making the darkened name If you've followed all these steps properly you should have a nice big portrait replicating the style of other portraits and ready to put in to your mod!
As well as a skin portrait and that darkened lookin' name!
(Also, if anyone wants to make any more portrait templates go ahead and put them here in this thread! If I like it I'll add it to the main post and give you credit!) Here's a .zip filled with all the templates used in this tutorial: DST Big Portrait Templates.zip