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[Exploit] Unlimited Bee Mine Glitch


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Unlimited Bee Mine Glitch

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Started off a new Wilson Campaign, Day 1 and harvested Bees with a net. Collect just enough for a Bee Mine and made one then a second. I attempted to add the second on top of the other as I thought I could combine to make space in inventory. Traps cant overlap. I continued on towards the savannah biome and as I encountered a Beefalo Immediately my character started spewing out bees! as if i had planted the bee mine but it was still in my inventory. So i tested it out and in literally seconds I had hundreds of bees on the screen. This continued until i got fed up by all the bees in my way of playing and there was a major lag in multiple biomes making it impossible to play.

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This made it very easy for me to kill my enemies as any time i came in contact with one the bee mine would go off instantly sending swarms to kill the mobs. but after the mobs were killed i was left with hundreds of bees that would lag the game from too many Mobs on screen.

Cool Glitch but ruined the gameplay experience so i killed myself

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