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Frustrated Mac user

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I purchased this game about a month ago, pleased to see it had a Chrome version (since the Steam version doesn't work on Mac). I got about 7 or 8 very awesome gameplay hours in before getting hit with the Nacl crashes (

I've waited patiently and will continue to do so, however the lack of apparent progress on this problem has gotten me worried. Will this game ever work again on my system? I wouldn't be surprised if I had any programming skills to speak of, that I could get it running again. However this is not the case and I haven't been able to play this wonderful game, that I payed for, and I haven't seen anything here on the forums to assure me that it will in fact ever work again.

Now before you go ahead and lock this thread down, I'm not going to ask for technical support but rather this: Can I expect a refund? I'd rather have the game and play it (obviously), so I guess what I'm looking for is some sort of guarantee that either A) I should just be patient and wait for a fix (and a working Steam version would be just dandy) or

B) In the case of a fix not happening, receive a full refund.

I hate to be asking this but as a consumer I can't help but feel outrage at the current state of my product.

Thank you.

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Excess    55

Welcome to the forums.

I would say be patient, but you've already have been.

You've paid a special price for early access to a beta, which is obviously prone to this kind of problems.

If you choose a refund now and wait for the game to be released with full Mac support, you'll have to pay full price for just 1 copy of the game, if you choose to try it again later.

Also, for you to get a refund, they'll probably render null not only your key, but the spare key you got when purchasing. Did you give it away already to some friend, or do you still have it with you, unredeemed?

Anyway, you'll be better off sending a support ticket directly to the devs if you want a refund, as the forums are pretty crazy and they may miss this thread ;)

Good luck.

PS: I just got some crazy nostalgia going on after reading your username :D

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Thanks for the speedy reply.

I think I will just wait. This game is really awesome and it'll be worth the wait, and I'd end up buying it again at a later date, if I know me at all. Thanks again.

And I'm very happy to have nabbed the username! :D

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