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End game tweaks

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Ackzay    70

Heres a list, in no particular order, of minor and major changes i think would make the game a better experience for those who play DS for 100+ days.

1. Monkeys throw STACKS and not individual items when befriended. Even better would be they come up to you and place all of their inventory by your feet. Although, this may be better suited to be a Wilbur exclusive since he's their king.

2. Monkeys no longer are neutral to spiders. 

3. ALL magic amulets and staffs fueled with nightmare fuel. Exception being items using green gems. Lazy explorer would become amazing if it was renewable.

4. Elephant cactus spikes can be picked when using cactus armor. This makes cactus armor renewable.

5. Elephant cactus dont take damage from fire.

6. Elephant cactus attack time significantly reduced, maybe 1-2 second delay between attacks. This makes using cacti to farm mobs possible.


8. Warly to receive perks from eating certain recipes. Perks in the sense of speed boosts, dmg buffs etc. 

9. Walani to be able to ride waves in any boat. Faster boat acceleration than other characters. 

10. When playing as Wilbur all nearby monkeys will aggro anything Wilbur does or anything that aggros Wilbur. This would be a significant buff, to counter I would say reduce Wilbur health to 50. Going deeper into King follower dynamic would be to make it so monkeys eventually become hostile to Wilbur if he doesnt feed a certain number of monkeys every so often. A king must feed his subjects afterall.

11. Wilbur sprint takes only 1.5 seconds instead of 3.

12. Being able to herd ballphins. I want herds of ballphins to chill by my islands.

13. This is the biggest and most needed, imo, addition: CRAFTABLE TURF TO PLACE ON WATER. This could be in the form of a dock or some sort of floating platform. After you build a base in SW theres very little reason to be at sea venturing out. So much world going to waste. Creating mega bases at sea would add much needed variety. The platforms could weaken over time and need mending and even move with the waves. Imagine, a floating mega base island of your own creation!

Curious to hear what others think is needed for ENDGAME play


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Clwnbaby    938

for #13 i suggested an extended dock or whatever, something to go out into the water so as to add a marina feel to your base area or boat docking area.  They liked it but in the end it never made it into the game.  Remember according to their outline the game is pretty much done and the rest of the updates will simply be balance and bug fixes.  I would have loved a dock of some sort even just for looks but i guess we wont be getting anything.

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Ackzay    70

If we dont get a dock or platform then we need to be able to adjust island size. No reason to have so much water, makes building awful when you only have small oblong shaped islands.

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Luponius    195

My thoughts:

1. Monkeys' servitude should really be exclusive to Wilbur.  You should be able to appease them as other characters but not "utilize them".

Also need some more reliable way of getting bananas since when prime-apes are around they'll steal it, especially if snakes pop out of the tree.  Partially agree.

2. If monkeys weren't neutral to spiders I believe there would be no sense in spawning spider nests and monkey huts next to each other, I feel these creatures are fine coexisting as long as the ydon't ruffle each other's feathers.  So have to disagree with this point.

3. Renewable magic sounds good - agree.

4. More renewable stuff - agree.

5. Didn't know it did, sounds like a massive oversight - definitely agree.

6. Neutral on this, don't know if it's a needed change, quite the opposite rather, but I suppose it won't hurt those who won't use it, and it's nice for those who do.

7. If the games are linked - Agree.  If not, they should be kept separate for exclusivity and balance reasons - remember not everyone wants the RoG/SW link.

8. Obviously agree based on several discussions currently ongoing on this character, it's a very valid recommendation.

9. Disagree - boats aren't designed to ride waves, surfboards are.  Her surfboard needs to be tweaked to be something that can be kept, it's part of her identity.

10. This suggestion does not come from a bad place but by making him so overly reliant on monkeys, you're breaking his RoG link making him horrendously weak for a purely meta-gaming reason- Disagree.

11. Agree.

12. Haha yeah, why not :p

13. Yes, it's a sorely needed feature for a game such as this, definitely agree.

To conclude great post - tons of good ideas!

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alainmcd    898
9 hours ago, Ackzay said:


This. My suggestion would be to use a tech tree instead of checking the game, for example changing the recipe for the bottle lantern to:

Recipe("bottlelantern", {Ingredient("messagebottleempty", 1), Ingredient("bioluminescence", 2)}, RECIPETABS.LIGHT, TECH.SW_TWO)

adding the tree to the prototyping machines according to the game, so that the prefabs must be prototyped in the corresponding world, but used anywhere, leaving the game check in recipes for just a few exceptions (pretty parasol vs tropical parasol, prestihatitator vs piratihatitator, boating). 

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