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Chris1448    13318

Alright so here's what I'm gonna do: I just got back earlier from an extremely tiring overnight trip, so I'm gonna do the update later. However, I'm thinking about waiting for Metheus to end before updating so I can get all the skins out and updated in one fell swoop, so hang in there guys!

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Tosh    617

I'm really hoping that we get Ancient character skins to go with the cane and chest. Seeing as they've been given the 'Ancient Collection' tag on steam I think this isn't wholly unlikely. I'd love to Wickerbottom in an Ancient kaftan, a dangling depth dweller Webber, or Wes wearing thulecite face mask.

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The Curator    1154
Just now, Donke60 said:

and added SW to DST! :)

no... alright then.. back to the corner

Imagine it.

The game could be 30-50% larger then it currently is.

If the developers just designed Shipwrecked to be an expansion and not a separate game mode.


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The Curator    1154
1 minute ago, Maslak said:

I'm kinda salty with all this tragic torch situation ;_; There could be some better way to make this. Well, maybe now you could give some cool, special effects to timeless torches?

Oh how terrible. The niche part of the community that has access to this limited content is slightly bigger now.

It is bad enough that developers release temporary content instead of making it permanent. There is no reason or fairness in locking people off arbitrarily from select content just because they did not jump through a hoop at a select frame of time. But at least the developers brought it back so more people could get it.

You are whining about a good thing happening because now it makes you feel less V.I.P.


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__IvoCZE__    7616
On 28/02/2016 at 8:24 PM, Chris1488 said:

So, back in July I made a thread showing off all of the concept art skins before we knew about the clothes system. Since then, the thread died off as it was no longer relevant. So I was thinking, "Hey, the wiki doesn't really show off all of the new clothes, someone should do something about that." But since I can't edit the wiki (or know how to), made this thread showing off all the skins that Klei has released to DST as of now. I will update this thread with new skins as they roll out. enjoy!

Common Skins:

Buttoned Shirts

Buttoned Shirt_Green.pngButtoned Shirt_Blue.pngButtoned Shirt_White.pngButtoned Shirt_Pink.pngCommon_Buttoned Shirt_Black.png

Collared Shirts

Collared Shirt_Blue.pngCollared Shirt_Red.pngCollared Shirt_White.pngCollared Shirt_Yellow.pngCommon_Collared Shirt_Orange.png

Lumberjack Shirts

Lumberjack Shirt_Blue.pngLumberjack Shirt_Purple.pngLumberjack Shirt_Brown.pngLumberjack.png

Pleated Shirts

Pleated Shirt_Yellow.pngPleated Shirt_White.pngPleated Shirt_Red.png







Hand Covers

Hand Covers_Black.pngHand Covers_Blue.pngHand Covers_Red.pngHand Covers_White.png

Long Gloves

Long Gloves_Gray.pngLong Gloves_Green.pngLong Gloves_Yellow.pngCommon_Long Gloves_White.png






Cardigans (Lunar Collection)


Suspension Shirts

Suspension Shirt_Pink.pngSuspension Shirt_White.pngSuspension Shirt_Yellow.png

Sweater Vests

Sweater Vest_Brown.pngSweater Vest_Gray.pngClassy_Sweater Vest_Green.pngSweater Vest_Red.pngSweater Vest_Blue.png

Tweed Waistcoats

Tweed Waistcoat_Brown.pngTweed Waistcoat_Gray.pngTweed Waistcoat_Green.pngTweed Waistcoat_Tan.pngClassy_Tweed Waistcoat_Blue.png

Checkered Trousers

Checkered Trousers_Blue.pngCheckered Trousers_Green.png

Knee Pants

Classy_Knee Pants_Tan.pngClassy_Knee Pants_Green.png

Plaid Skirts

Plaid Skirt_Blue.pngPlaid Skirt_Green.png

Driving Gloves

Driving Gloves.png

Buckled Gloves

Buckled Gloves.pngClassy_Buckled Gloves_Green.pngClassy_Buckled Gloves_Red.png

Tuxedo/Striking Gloves (Formal Collection)

Tuxedo Gloves.pngStriking Gloves_White.png

Canadian Boots (Formal Collection)

Canadian Boots_Brown.png

High/Low Heels (Formal Collection)

High Heels_Black.pngLow Heels_Black.png

Mary Janes (Formal Collection)

Mary Janes_White.png

Pumps (Formal Collection)


Riding Boots (Formal Collection)

Riding Boots_White.png

Steel-Toed Boots

Classy_Steel-Toed Boots_Brown.pngClassy_Steel-Toed Boots_Tan.png




Silk Robes (Lunar Collection)

Silk Robe_Blue.pngSilk Robe_Pink.pngSilk Robe_Red.pngSilk Robe_Yellow.png

Dainty Coatdress (Lunar Collection)


Quilted Outerwear (Lunar Collection)

Spiffy_Quilted Outerwear_Red.png

Trench Coats

Trench Coat_Brown.pngTrench Coat_Yellow.png


Spiffy_Jammie Shirt_Purple.pngSpiffy_Jammie Pants_Purple.pngSpiffy_Jammie Shirt_Blue.pngSpiffy_Jammie Pants_Blue.png


Spiffy_Overalls_Black.pngSpiffy_Overalls_Blue.pngSpiffy_Overalls_Navy Blue.png

Letterman Jacket

Spiffy_Letterman Jacket_Beige.pngAwarded to those who visited the Klei booth during PAX

Smart Sweater

Spiffy_Smart Sweater_Blue.pngAwarded to those who visited the Klei booth during PAX



Sleeveless Blouse

Spiffy_Sleeveless Blouse_Yellow.png

  • Item Skins


Buckled Backpack_Blue.pngBuckled Backpack_Gray.pngBuckled Backpack_Red.png


(Winter Collection) (Only drops during the Holidays)

Spiffy_Holiday_Green Santa Hat.pngSpiffy_Holiday_Holly Wreath.pngSpiffy_Holiday_Ribbon Wreath.png


Silk Loungewear (Lunar Collection)

Silk Loungewear_Black.pngSilk Loungewear_Green.pngSilk Loungewear_Red.pngSilk Loungewear_White.png

Distinguished GoH's (Formal Collection)

  Hide contents

Tuxedo (Wilson)


Cocktail Dress (Willow)

Cocktail Dress_Willow.png

Mess Dress (Wolfgang)

Mess Dress_Wolfgang.png

Party Frock (Wendy)

Party Frock_Wendy.png

Formal Body Shell (Wx-78)

Formal Body Shell_WX-78.png

Ball Gown (Wickerbottom)

Ball Gown_Wickerbottom.png

Canadian Jacket (Woodie)

Canadian Jacket_Woodie.png

Evening Attire (Wes)

Evening Attire_Wes.png

Striking Tuxedo (Maxwell)

Guest of Honor_Maxwell.png

Valkyrie Armor (Wigfrid)

Valkyrie Armor_Wigfrid.png

Formal Jacket (Webber)

Formal Jacket_Webber.png

Distinguished Survivor (Survivor Collection)

  Reveal hidden contents

Rumpled Outfit (Wilson)

Survivor_Wilson Clothes.png

Raggedy Rags (Willow)

Survivor_Willow Clothes.png

Patched Bodysuit (Wolfgang)

Survivor_Wolfgang Clothes.png

Shredded Skirt (Wendy)

Survivor_Wendy Clothes.png

Battered Body Case (Wx-78)

Survivor_Wx-78 Clothes.png

Tattered Togs (Wickerbottom)

Survivor_Wickerbottom Clothes.png

Grubby Gear (Woodie)

Survivor_Woodie Clothes.png

Threadbare Clothing (Wes)

Survivor_Wes Clothes.png

Frayed Finery (Maxwell)

Survivor_Maxwell Clothes.png

Torn Costume(Wigfrid)

Survivor_Wathgrithir Clothes.png

Bandaged Body (Webber)

Survivor_Webber Clothes.png

Distinguished 'The Triumphant' (Shadow Collection)

  Reveal hidden contents

Shadow Suit (Wilson)


Shadow Dress (Willow)


Shadow Jumpsuit (Wolfgang)


Shadow Frock (Wendy)


Shadow Chassis (WX-78)


Shadow Gown (Wickerbottom)


Shadow Feller's Kit (Woodie)


Cool Shadow Clothes (Wes)


Unshadow Suit (Maxwell / William)


Shadow Armor (Wigfrid)


Shadow Spider Body (Webber)





Bunny Slippers

Distinguished_Bunny Slippers_Purple.png

Fuzzy Slippers

Distinguished_Fuzzy Slippers_Blue.png

Flouncy Dress

Distinguished_Flouncy Dress_Tan.png

Shearling Coat

Distinguished_Shearling Coat_Orange.png

Toggle Jacket

Distinguished_Toggle Jacket_Blue.png

Yacht Suit

Distinguished_Yacht Suit_White.png

Follower Costumes (Costume Collection) (Only drops during the Halloween season)

Distinguished_Cheeky Chester.pngDistinguished_Hutch Disguise.pngDistinguished_Catty Costume.pngDistinguished_Glommy Guise.png

  • Item Skins


Distinguished_Patchwork Quilt_White.pngDistinguished_Patchwork Quilt_Blue.png

Distinguished_Chest_Carpet Bag.pngDistinguished_Chest_Train Case.pngDistinguished_Chest_Treasure.pngDistinguished_Chest_Steamer Trunk.pngDistinguished_Chest_Travellers Trunk.png


(Lunar Collection) (Only drops during Chinese New Year)

Distinguished_Chicken Hat_Closed.pngDistinguished_Chicken Hat_Open.png

(Winter Collection) (Only drops during the Holidays)



Click here to be redirected to ImDaMisterL's Big Portrait and Quotes Compilation!

Guests of Honor (Formal Collection)

Guest of Honor_Wilson.pngGuest of Honor_Willow.pngGuest of Honor_Wolfgang.pngGuest of Honor_Wendy.pngGuest of Honor_WX-78.pngGuest of Honor_Wickerbottom.pngGuest of Honor_Woodie.pngGuest of Honor_Wes.pngGuest of Honor Head_Maxwell.pngGuest of Honor_Wigfrid.pngGuest of Honor_Webber.png


  Reveal hidden contents


Survivors (Survivor Collection)

Survivor Head_Wilson.pngSurvivor Head_Willow.pngSurvivor Head_Wolfgang.pngSurvivor Head_Wendy.pngSurvivor Head_Wx-78.pngSurvivor Head_Wickerbottom.pngSurvivor Head_Woodie.pngSurvivor Head_Wes.pngSurvivor Head_Maxwell.pngSurvivor Head_Wathgrithir.pngSurvivor Head_Webber.png


  Reveal hidden contents


The Triumphant (Shadow Collection)

Shadow Head_Wilson.pngShadow Head_Willow.pngShadow Head_Wolfgang.pngShadow Head_Wendy.pngShadow Head_WX-78.pngShadow Head_Wickerbottom.pngShadow Head_Woodie.pngShadow Head_Wes.pngShadow Head_Maxwell.pngShadow Head_Wigfrid.pngShadow Head_Webber.png


  Reveal hidden contents


  • Item Skins

Backpack_Back Bat.pngBackpack_Beefalo Carryall.pngBackpack_Poop Bag.pngBackpack_Rabbit Rucksack.pngBackpack_Smallbird Satchel.pngBackpack_Spider Sack.pngElegant_Backpack_Catcoon.png   (Backpack_Scorching Satchel.pngLunar Collection)

Elegant_Floppy Straw Hat.pngElegant_Laurel.pngElegant_Bowler Hat.png



(Survivor Collection)

Survivor_Torch.pngSurvivor_Crock Pot.png

(Costume Collection) (Only drops during the Halloween season)

Elegant_Cheeky Chester.pngElegant_Hutch Head Disguise.pngElegant_Catty Costume Cap.pngElegant_Glommy Head Guise.pngElegant_Costume_Torch.png

(Winter Collection) (Only drops during the Holidays)

Elegant_Critter_Snow Broodling.pngElegant_Critter_Snow Ewelet.pngElegant_Critter_Snow Glomglom.pngElegant_Critter_Snow Kittykit.pngElegant_Critter_Snow Vargling.png

(Lunar Collection) (Only drops during Chinese New Year)



Loyal_Firepit_Stonehenge Resized.pngLoyal_Firepit_Bottomless Resized.pngLoyal_Birdcage_Pirate Resized.pngLoyal_Heart_Valentines Resized.pngLoyal_Emote_Swoon Resized.png

(Shadow Collection)

Loyal_Shadow_Torch Resized.png

(Lunar Collection)

Loyal_Chicken Hat_Resized.png

(Ancient Collection)

Loyal_Cane_Ancient Resized.pngLoyal_Chest_Ancient Resized.png

  • How to Obtain
  Reveal hidden contents

Mini Monument (Obtainable)

Loyal_Firepit_Stonehenge.pngAwarded to those who own the Reign of Giants DLC for singleplayer Don't Starve.

Bottomless Pit (Unobtainable)

Loyal_Firepit_Bottomless.pngAwarded to those who played Don't Starve Together while it was in Early Access.

Tragic Torch (Limited Obtainable: Metheus Puzzles)

Loyal_Shadow_Torch.pngAwarded to those who completed the Cyclum puzzles after Metheus started.

Pirate Birdcage (Obtainable)

Loyal_Birdcage_Pirate.pngAwarded to those who own the Shipwrecked DLC for singleplayer Don't Starve.

Clucky Winter Hat (Seasonal Obtainable: Chinese New Year)

Loyal_Chicken Hat.pngAwarded to those who played Don't Starve Together during the Year of the Gobbler event.

Cherub's Heart (Seasonal Obtainable: Valentine's Day)

Loyal_Heart_Valentines.pngAwarded to those who played Don't Starve Together during Valentine's Day.

/Swoon Emote (Seasonal Obtainable: Valentine's Day)

Loyal_Emote_Swoon.pngAwarded to those who played Don't Starve Together during Valentine's Day.

Ancient Cane (Limited Obtainable: Metheus Puzzles)

Loyal_Cane_Ancient.png Awarded to those who completed the Metheus puzzles.

Ancient King's Chest (Limited Obtainable: Metheus Puzzles)

Loyal_Chest_Ancient.png Awarded to those who completed the Metheus puzzles.


Hallowed Nights (Only available during the Halloween season)



  Reveal hidden contents


Winter's Feast (Only available during the Holidays)

Event_Holiday_Jingly Top Hat.pngEvent_Holiday_Plum Pudding.pngEvent_Holiday_Chest.pngEvent_Holiday_Yuletide Coat.pngEvent_Holiday_Yuletide Dress.png

Year of the Gobbler (Only available during Chinese New Year)

Event_ChineseNewYear_Lucky Beast Attire.pngEvent_ChineseNewYear_Lucky Beast Outfit.pngEvent_ChineseNewYear_Silk Brocade Coat.pngEvent_ChineseNewYear_Silk Pajamas.pngEvent_ChineseNewYear_Chicken Slippers.png



  • How to Obtain
  Reveal hidden contents

Reward_Sleepy.png=Distinguished_Patchwork Quilt_Blue.pngSpiffy_Jammie Shirt_Blue.pngSpiffy_Jammie Pants_Blue.png

Reward_Yawn.xcf.png=Distinguished_Patchwork Quilt_White.pngSpiffy_Jammie Shirt_Purple.pngSpiffy_Jammie Pants_Purple.png

Proof of Purchase

Proof of Purchase_Crabpack_Smaller.pngProof of Purchase_Deerclops_Smaller.pngProof of Purchase_Glommer_Smaller.pngProof of Purchase_Meepsack_Smaller.pngProof of Purchase_Chester_Smaller.pngProof of Purchase_Pink Winter Hat_Smaller.pngProof of Purchase_Black Winter Hat_Smaller.png

  • Store Pages


Timeless_Tragic Torch Resized.pngTimeless_Potato Cup Resized.png

  • How to Obtain
  Hide contents

Tragic Torch (Unobtainable)

Timeless_Tragic Torch.png Awarded to those who completed the Cyclum puzzles before Metheus began.

Potato Cup (Unobtainable)

Timeless_Potato Cup.png Be @nome.

Special thanks to @ImDaMisterL and @Aquaterion for providing the portraits, quotes, and in-game pictures!

~~~(Rose Collection) Leaks

  Reveal hidden contents

LEAK_Rose_Firepit.pngLEAK_Rose_Torch.pngLEAK_Rose_Webber Head.pngLEAK_Rose_Willow Head.pngLEAK_Rose_Wilson Body.png

LEAK_Rose_Webber Body.png

Ring Around The Roses.jpg


wilson rose body.pngwillow rose body.pngwolfgang.pngwendy.pngwx78.pngwicker.pngwoodie.pngwes.pngMaxwell.pngwig.pngweb.png


The Rose Collection, as of now, is exclusive to the Tencent version of DST, currently obtained through drops like any other skin.


The Mod Rarity Thread




How was potato cup obtainable and which skin it was on ?

Edited by ImDaMisterL
Moved quote into a spoiler

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__IvoCZE__    7616

So noone actually has that *ehm* cup ?

If Yes Everyone has a good time

If No Someone  has a bad time

Idk there are plp someone has to be fighting sans right now 

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Chris1448    13318
5 hours ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

How was potato cup obtainable and which skin it was on ?

You see that tiiiiny little spoiler called "How to Obtain"? Yeah... The only person who has and will ever have that potato cup is @nome.

It's not a skin, it's a joke/test like Sinister said. 

Edited by Chris1488
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Arlesienne    8985
11 minutes ago, nome said:

Not true, I gave one to @SethR first. And @PeterA has possessed the cup briefly during trade-tests before I traded back for it.

Interesting. I always thought @PeterA was the whisper-solutions-to-bugs kind of spirit, not sell-me-your-soul-for-virgins-and-potatoes one.

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