@Chris1488 Here are the line-ups for the new skin sets: The Roseate The Snowfallen Also, here is the Snowfallen Group Portrait: EDIT (12/19/17):  Whoops, I forgot to do so yesterday.  Willow was missing her ponytail in the initial release, but the 2nd patch yesterday fixed her hair.  I've just updated the character line-up above.   EDIT #2 (01/03/18):  @Chris1488 Some of the Roseate skins (namely Wolfgang's shirt cuffs, Wes's eyes, and Winona's shoulders) were updated in today's patch.  So, here's an updated line-up: The Roseate EDIT #3 (01/08/18): @Chris1488 Roseate Wes's eyes were reverted to their original form in today's patch.  New line-up is below: The Roseate
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