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Crash on load

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mwebb    2

Hi there,

I have both Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked installed.

I think the latest update may be causing a problem with my save.

I have a Reign of Giants save from after using the teleportato, but before choosing a character for the next world.

The game crashes when I try to continue from that save, with the message attached.

I suspect it was the recent update because I began my last session from a similar state (between worlds), and because the change allowing shipwrecked characters to be chosen at start appears to be implicated by the error message.

(I am vaguely aware that there is a way for non-shipwrecked saves to be "linked" with Shipwrecked, but, to my knowledge, I haven't done this.)

I tried continuing the game after disabling the Shipwrecked DLC through steam, and it allows character selection, though hangs at the "generating world" step (the animation doesn't play, the console doesn't show the usual generation messages).  Perhaps this represents a seperate bug?

I am not concerned with losing the save, and starting a new game in either Reign of Giants or in Shipwrecked seems to work fine.  I just wanted to be able to help in case this issue would cause problems for anyone down the line.

I've taken a copy of the problematic save directory and I'm happy to make any further investigations that would be of any help.



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mwebb    2

Noticed that there was an update through steam (and just realized that this issue had been reported on the main Don't Starve bugs forum also).

Can confirm that the update fixed the issue for me.

Thanks Klei  =)

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