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[BUG] [XBOX ONE] No bees

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martilins    10

When I play with Willow is impossible to find bees on the map. There are only killer bees flying around the flowers.

This problem only occours one Xbox One. In the Steam/PC version, it's ok.

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mwebb    2

Hi martilins,

By default it is possible (decided at random) for you to begin a game in spring.

During spring normal bees become killer bees (I think this is the same as how rabbits become snowy in the winter).

If the rabbit burrows are also all closed up, then you are in spring.

Unless it is persistent through seasons, or you're sure it is not spring, I don't think this is a bug.

(By the way, bees that are angry because of the season (so, not killer bees spawned because of an attack on a hive, or a bee, or from you getting too close to a killer bee hive) can be used as normal bees in crafting, in case that was what you needed them for.)

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