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[Gameplay] Unconnected land


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Unconnected land

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try test map

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This was on the test map so I understand there will be some bugs. I just wanted to post my bug so it is known before they turn the test map into the official set up.

I generated a new test map after a death and after thorough exploring I found that there was large portions of land out of reach with no bridge. I did have a bridge to no where and there seems to be a bit of bridge in my view when I stand at the edge of the land I am on. But there seems to be no way to get to the other island.

I just killed everything I could, cashed in my points and moved onto a new map which seemed to be fine, so I think it was just a fluke that it happened, but still it happened nontheless.

Thanks for reading!

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This happened to me too. I wound up on an island set that was connected to the other set by a bridge, except the bridge had what appeared to be a one-unit wide gap (tiny as can be for the terrain). Beefalo, the pig king, and swamps containing reeds were all out of my reach... I actually had fun playing it!

In cahoots...

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