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[Gameplay] Pigs running home after dark


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Pigs running home after dark

Steps to reproduce

Pigs get bugged in several ways when night comes if you are not at they're home/campfire. Also they should not lose your friendship status over this.

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Pigs usually run home when night comes, you thus lose they're friendship and they kinda get stuck around the map where you were at that time, one of them actually stopped to fight spiders after dark and didn't follow me home to safety. I went back in the morning and he was still alive and was fighting, then died (like time stopped from last night before I left).

Another issue that happened when I had 4 pigs with me, we were fighting a large pack of spiders (normal ones) they died in stacks and when the night came, 2 pigs ran home and another got stuck while trying to eat a monster meat and run home at the same time, he just moved like he had a seizure until I picked up a monster meat from next to him

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  • Developer

The Pigman's friendship will end after a period and they need to be fed more meat. It is actually not related to them going home at the end of the day.

We're going to be tuning their general AI as we go through the development process to address issues where they are getting stuck.


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