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flying sheep

Shank 2 HiB changelog?

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flying sheep    10

hi, it seems that the devs are pumping out patches by the hour (after some bxx versions, there came update1-update7). that’s good! i like error-free games :)

my question is if there is anywhere a changelog to look at which can tell me which bugs got fixed in the latest update so i can choose if it’S worth it to download yet another 1.6GB or not.

/edit: i know that it’s in the tarball, but you only get to see it there after you’ve downloaded it :D

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Tuomas    10

Here's the latest changelog:

Shank 2 Mac update 8



Mac version stores log files to <username>/Library/Klei/Shank2 and savegames to <username>/Library/Klei/Shank2/users.

Linux version stores log files to ~/.klei/shank2 and savegames to ~/.klei/shank2/users.


Shank 2 Mac update 8 (10 January 2013)

-Mac version is now digitally signed.

Shank 2 Linux/Mac update 7 (9 January 2013)

-Fixed survival mode setup screen on Linux.

-More transparency fixes for in-game videos.

Shank 2 Linux/Mac update 6 (8 January 2013)

-Also 64 bit Linux version now saves controller configurations correctly.

-Gamepad controllers should work properly and show correct help texts.

-Fixed transparency issues on in-game videos.

-Fixed impassable obstacle bug in last level.

-Mouse is now grabbed by default in windowed mode. This can be toggled with Ctrl-G.

Shank 2 Linux/Mac update 5 (4 January 2013)

-Fixed local survival mode on Mac.

-Removed references to on-line survival mode and leaderboards on non-Steam versions.

-Fixed a graphics bug with overlaid videos.

-Fixed a crash bug.

Shank 2 Mac update 4 (3 January 2013)

-Mac version now loads saved games properly. Also controller settings are saved and loaded correctly. The issues were caused by problems in handling binary files on Mac.

Shank 2 Linux/Mac update 3 (2 January 2013)

-Fixed crash on third level.

-Game now writes log files (rendering.log lists available OpenGL extensions).

-Added an icon for Linux version.

Shank 2 Linux/Mac update 2 (27 December 2012)

-Camera problems on Mac should be resolved.

-Savegames should function properly on Linux, Mac might still have problems.

-Gamepad/joystick button icons should be more sensible, if not yet totally correct.

-Fixed minor glitch in blur effect.

-Fixed resolution listing in display mode selection.

Shank 2 Linux/Mac update 1 (21 December 2012)

-Gamepad/joystick controllers should now function properly.

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