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[Bug Report] Jellyfish Shocking Issues

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Kiena    5

Two jellyfish issues:

First, when attacked with a fire dart, poison dart, or the obsidian speargun, the jellyfish will do 5 points of electrical damage, as though you were attacking with a melee weapon.  The snakeskin armor will protect from this damage.  (None of the other blowdarts or spearguns cause this issue.) 

Second, when a dead jellyfish is on the ground and you pick it up, you get 5 points of electrical damage even if you're wearing protective armor, such as the snakeskin armor.  I'm not 100% that's a bug, of course, but it seems weird to me that a dead jellyfish can get through armor that a live jellyfish can't.

Both these things were tested with all mods turned off.  I did, however, use the console to spawn in all the weapons except the original fire dart.

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