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[crash] shipwrecked _ dodo bird or mod issue

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stevmjon    1

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  • Version Number

    162633 win32 steam

    Issue title

    crash with error message when I returned to where I left the dodo bird

    Steps to reproduce

    pick up a dodo bird, move to a new location, put dodo bird down. move away then return.....crash

    Describe your issue

    seemed to happen when I returned to where I left the dodo bird.

  • error message thinks it may be a mod, so I will give log file and image for you to investigate.




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Zillvr    1759

Hey @stevmjon we now have a dedicated bug tracker for Shipwrecked found here. This bug has also been posted there but I'll link your(this) thread in the same bug report so the devs can find your report too that is also producing the same bug. This seems like a bug with the game itself when the doydoy's attempt to mate but can't find a partner. I could be entirely wrong on this one, as there has been cases where mating doesn't cause crashes. 

Anyway I hope that helps, for any other future bug reports be sure it hasn't been posted in the Shipwrecked Bug Tracker yet, but if a certain bug you want to report is already posted be sure to add to the present bug report with your own log.txt files or any other observations you have about the bug that may help the devs to easily diagnose the issue.


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