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[Crock pot Recipes for Don't Starve]

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Meiblue2    6

It's a crock pot recipes idea! ;D

-Rock candy (Ice candy)

Decreses body tempreture when eat

Recipe: 2×honey + 2×Ice

-Cotten candy

Recipe: 1×stick + 3×honey


-French fries

Recipe: 1×stick + 1×potato

-Mashed potato

Recipe: 2×potato


-Tomato soup

Increses body tempreture when eat

Recipe: 1×tomato + 2×vegetable

-Tomato pasta

Recipe: 2×tomato + 1×vegetable


Increses body tempreture when eat

Recipe: 2×vegetable

-Rice cake

Recipe: 3×vegetable


Recipe: 2×meat + 1×vegetable


Recipe: 3×vegetable + 0.5×meat



Recipe: 2×cacao

-Dried berry

Recipe: dry the berry


-Mango pudding

Recipe: 1×mango

-Mince pie

Recpie: 2×meat × 1×egg


How do you thing of my idea?

Let's share opinions! ;D

P.S. I didn't wrote the stats cause I have not much time now XD

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