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[Bug Report] Crash with shift-clicking from trawl net

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Tetrazene    6

In the middle of moving items from a full trawl net into my inventory, my game kept crashing. Eventually I found that if I moved all but one item using shift+click, the game would be OK. There's something with moving the last or last few items from a trawl net to the player inventory with shift+click causing a crash. Moving the last item just with the mouse works fine, but the shift+click crashes consistently. I have only seen this happen when using the cargo boat.

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Zillvr    1755

To add to report above, here's the resulting log file: trawlcargocrashitemtransfer-log.txt

The process I did was unlocking all recipes so I can just build the things to test without having to spawn them in one by one. Spawned a few jellyfish_planted in the sea. Built a cargo boat then start trawling for the spawned jellyfish and attempt to shift-click items out of the trawl net into my inventory/hotbar that has a few open slots.

Surprisingly the crash occurs when live jellyfish is transferred over (via shift-click) from the trawl net into my inventory ONLY WHILE there is a jellyfish in the cargo boat. Stackable item stacks doesn't crash when transferred from the trawl net to my inventory (tested with jellyfish_dead, seaweed, flint, cutgrass and fish_med). Non-stackable items also do not crash when transferred from the trawl net to my inventory (tested with amulet, harpoon and blubbersuit). Transferring live jellyfish from trawl net into my inventory doesn't crash when the cargo boat is fully filled with other items like flint. Didn't have time to test for all the other items you can get from the sea though, sorry.

Shown below is the last moment before crash happens: (holding shift then left clicking live jellyfish from trawl net to my inventory)


In the image above, if I replace the live jellyfish in the cargo boat's inventory with a stack of flint; transferring the live jellyfish to my inventory from the trawl net via shift+click doesn't cause the game to crash.

The crash doesn't create a crash screen but automatically closes the game. Anyway, I hope this helps with troubleshooting this bug. Cheers.

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