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[Bug Report] Camera spontaneously moving all way in sometimes ..

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Not sure if that was reported before, but I think I gotta file it:

Sometimes when I play Shipwrecked ( not the original Don't Starve ) the camera starts to close in, all of a sudden, for no special reason.

If I leave it to close up ( or zoom in) , it - eventually, in a matter or 20 sec or so - goes something like "beyond the playing surface", which means - the things on the screen go bigger and bigger and then the whole game screen goes black, except for the interface parts. 

I have to roll the mouse wheel back to get the normal camera distance, and after that the things are okay for some time. (Usually I play on the maximal  camera distance, to have a bigger field of view)

That spontaneous "zoom in" happens, by estimate, every 5-10 min of a gameplay. It was so with the initial release of Shipwrecked, and it still happens with the recent update "The eye of a Tiger Shark" ( maybe not as frequently, but not sure ). It never happened with vanilla "Don't Starve", and, yes, my mouse is perfectly fine technically. 

I play on windows XP 32-bit and 7 64-bit ( different PCs ) and I think that happens on both systems (gotta check it once again, but I'm pretty sure it does the same)

Maybe not the biggest issue, but seems annoying enough and certainly looks like a technical bug.

Its not happening in the occasions when I'm around the Volcano (that works okay) but I may suggest its somewhere around that piece of code.. which just might get activated in the wrong circumstances.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

UPDATE: the following report might be related to this issue -


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