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[Bug Report] Walani's Surfboard won't place

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I'm having a reoccurring issue placing Walani's surfboard on the water. I frequently have to build a raft, get on that, then place her board to get it to work. If I try to place it while on land, even if I'm placing it as close as possible to land, she just endlessly run towards the water. Don't know if anyone else has had this problem and this is my first time using the forum but I wanted you to know that the issue exist.

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Zillvr    1759

Hello @Solidscarlet ,  welcome to the forums. Walani's surfboard has it's unique way of being deployed for you to ride it. You simply just need to rightclick (Launch) the surfboard on to the water tile and Walani will place the Surfboard just like how you normally place other rafts/boats.

Left clicking with the Surfboard on water or land is the drop action, which is why Walani just runs towards that spot attempting to drop the surfboard but can't. Then you end up having to craft a raft first and then dropping it in the water. On the other hand right clicking with the surfboard on the water while on land, places it on the water as expected. Image shown below:


I hope that helps. Good luck and have fun. cheers.

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