This guide is for helping step by step to installed a dedicated server don't starve together with cave on Windows Server     EDIT: im sorry but unfortunatly the forum doesn't accept many screenshot, I had to replace them with direct links   This tutorial is making on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bits, I use VMware Workstation for make this guide,this software can virtualize any system on your computer without change your current system, so I don't use FTP client to transfer files as Filezilla or Flashfxp but you can very well do for cluster.ini, server.ini, worldgenoverride.lua and other file   1) create user and install SteamCMD: you need to create user and connect with him on your windows server: login with account Administrator of your windows server for create user     log off of the session Administrator and login with dst_server create folder steamcmd in C:\ (you can do it on another partition if you have one) download steamcmd in this folder     2) Install the files for server don't starve together with SteamCMD so you just need to execute software steamcmd in folder steamcmd and install the server don't starve together in new folder with name server     3) script for start server Overworld and Cave you need to create two batch files for start two instances for each of the servers (start.bat and start2.bat) so you need to go in folder of the server and create two batch files     here the option list for command line:     4) now we going start and stop both server (it's going create settings folder Master and Caves) you can launch both batch files for create Server Overworld (folder Master) and Server Cave (folder Caves)     5) you need to settings both servers with cluster_token.txt, server.ini, worldgenoverride.lua for find your token you just need to launch your game and go in your account info:     6) so now we going put your token in cluster_token.txt the token is mandatory without him your server can not be online, it allows for Klei to have the option to remove the server in case of violation or problem with this server     7) now you going add worldgenoverride.lua on both servers worldgenoverride.lua represents the settings to generate the world for don't starve together, so you can adjust the season, monsters, or biomes and more   Server Overworld:     Server Cave:     8) create and configure cluster.ini and server.ini   cluster.ini have settings of the server (server name, slots, gametype,)   here the option list cluster.ini:     server.ini have settings for each server (server ports,steam port,activated master or slave)   here the option list server.ini:     I'll just going give sample configuration about settings for both servers   cluster.ini:     server.ini for server Overworld:     server.ini for server Caves:     9) Testing both servers     10) Create windows service for Batch Files it's better to used a windows service rather than stay open DOS prompt so we will create services for each batch file by default, windows server can not create a service with a batch file, so let's use the software NSSM you will quickly understanding, this is going to be very useful for next steps     11) Create Batch Files for stop,update and start both servers Now that our servers can run as a service, we will create a simple batch file who'll stop both servers then update servers and start the both servers     12) Create schedule task for Batch File update.bat now we going create a task to execute update.bat daily at 6:00 am, I going show you a example but you do as you wish     I hope this guide is good for you and especially to help you for install server DST on windows server   ---   I would like to thank everyone who helped me since I arrived in this community and especially who taught me a lot about the functioning of servers and mods:   rezecib, Maris,Kzisor, DarkXero bizziboi, Ipsquiggle, V2C, PeterA   and of course thx also all devs!   ---   How to install and configure mods on dedicated server => coming soon   --- F.A.Q   How to reset the map on dedicated server?     How banned player if he is not on my dedicated server?     How add admin on your dedicated server?     How to reserved slots on your dedicated server?