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[Mirage for Don't starve]

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Meiblue2    6

How about mirage for Don't Starve?

Mirage is an effect caused by hot air in desert or on roads, that makes you think you are seeing things such as water which is not there. It's because the image is reflected by hot air.

So, in game, it can be seen like-

There is a pig house over there but if the player go near, the pig house disappear like a smoke(Like if you go near the rainbow.)

It is a effect that only happens in 'Summer', 'Desert' and 'Savanna'

And I have said it mostly happens at desert but in 'Don't starve's summer', it even happens a natrual ignition (spontaneous combustion).......So it's enough XD

The mirage can seen as anything

Pig house, Water puddle, tentacle, tree, statue........

How do you think of my idea?

Let's share opinions ;D

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Asparagus    9137
  1. Wow! Finally someone with a gif profile :D
  2. I like the idea, we've all been thinking of ways to make summer more interesting, like a summer version of McTusk and other things... although as with the current status of summer, most people would just ignore mirages and stay in their bases and keep things from getting burned. Might I suggest that if these mirages could offer something of worth to the player, like nightmare fuel when they
    1 hour ago, Meiblue2 said:

    disappear like a smoke

    that would make seeking them out more worth while, in my opinion that is. O__O

This mirage Idea opens up a lot of possibilities :D

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