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What is your top 10 FIlm this year?


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It's a great year for awesome films.

Here are my Top 10.

Are there anymore you can think of to add to the list...

Texas Chainsaw,

Life For Rent


Jurassic Park

Man of Steel,

Pacific Rim

Percy Jackson

I, Frankenstein


The Hobbit

look forward to hearing them

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Great... Guys on the internet are getting girlfriends and yet here I am, haven't had a boyfriend in years... *shoots self in head*

I've been going out with her for over a year and she is my first girlfriend and I'm 19 I think the internet has proven its point.

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Go onto 9gag.. there they discourage (completely destroy) behavior such as SWAG and YOLO.

Oh and it doesn't make you an outcast. I hate smoking and I don't drink. *thumbs up*

I have a plan. Don't drink or smoke and live healthy, then outlive the scumbags that laugh at you and dance on their graves! *thumbs up*

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