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[Gameplay] pooing beefalo asleep(images)

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jakassme    8

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Issue title

pooing beefalo asleep(images)

Steps to reproduce

1 shave a beefalo at night (maybe)
2 wait awhile
3 beefalo poos on himself

Describe your issue

well i hear there is winter coming at some point so i was gathering beefalo fur , i had to build a camp there when night was falling then the beefalo pooed in his sleep Xd

beefalo 1
beefalo 2

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Excess    55

Beefalos pooping on their sleep goes waaaaaay back. And no, you don't need to shave them first; I think that's kind of a confirmation bias, because you simply tend to be around sleeping beefalos more time when shaving them than when you are focusing on other non-beefalo stuff at night, so it appears to be a correlation.

PS: For a moment there I was really confused as to why the OP was talking to himself, then I realized they where two different users with the same avatar :p

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stormfront    26

I have the steam version I and i have too witnessed this glitch I like to camp near beefalos and non-shaved ones will also poo in their sleep..

its not common maybe once every 3 nights?

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