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eddie10089    18

Every 20 like days a rare mouse like mob spawns and wanders around the map and when you find it, it will become aggresive and it will start attacking you. You can tame it and it could follow you forever until it dies. after days the mouse will grow bigger and eventually you need to build a cage using 10 wood, 5 twigs and 3 can't control it after it's huge and you can feed it wood or twigs.

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Rayze Darr    14

I'm not sold on the "every 20 days," but I do like the basic concepts:

-Rare spawn

-Travels the map, having no "home biome"

-Beneficial when found

-Improved usefulness with time

-Improved care required relative to improved usefulness

It'd be like a little Don't Starve Pokemon!

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Gentlemen and Ladies (and Bacon)?

For first,you could fit it in the Suggestions and Feedback,not General Discussion,its easy to ask mods to move this,though.

For second,i didnt even know what the mob is until you said that the mouse will grow bigger.

But it would be good addition,without the 20 days,i think its fine to add.

However,it should require an ingredient,like cheese,to live,and if it was huge it would require tons of it.Cheese ..You could get it from beefalo.

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My suggestion would be a really, REALLY scary mob that silently follows you like a predator, emiting silent, disturbing, high pitched screams and moans.

He would only appear at night if you did... Things (like dig up graves - that would also be a consequence for the loot that gives you a decent amount of gold, thus balancing things).

He would still follow you at day until you kill him, but he would keep a big distance and only strike at night.

Oh, and he looks really disturbing. Like Slenderman.

Either that or something that drops bacon.

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