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Screen flicker issue ?


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Hello everyone , I'm pretty sure i made a post about this issue in 4th jan , but its deleted or something .. anyway .

My monitor refresh rate is 75HZ , if i change it to another rate , it starts to flicker ..

 When i start the game ,the game forcefully changes my screen refresh rate to 60 ,and if i  alt+tab or Windows+D to show the desktop ,the screen flickers and when i go to my screen resolution panel ; the refresh rate was changed to 60 ,so each time i open the game i have to manually change my screen refresh rate to to 75 HZ so it wont be flickering ...  

I tried to change the refresh rate in game settings   to 75 HZ ,so it may help, but i can't go above 60 .

Tried to change it from the settings.ini file i think ,  it did not work ,it goes back to 60  .

Any help will be appreciated .



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If you are playing on Steam, it's likely that Steam Cloud is not syncing your settings file properly. Your best bet is to disable Steam Cloud synchronization for Don't Starve - this way your settings.ini and save files are saved locally on your HDD instead of on Steam servers.

Disable Steam Cloud: Right-click Don't Starve on Steam > Properties > Updates Tab > disable/un-check "Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for Don't Starve"

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