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[Gameplay] Guards break infrared emitters

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Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Guards break infrared emitters
Issue Description: Guards break infrared emitters the turn the infrared emitters' power relay is recaptured. In particular, the guard who breaks the infrared emitter stands within the infrared at the time the power relay is recaptured.

If I were to hazard a guess, the game has a flag for when the infrared emitter is broken; any movable unit passing through it triggers this flag. Enemy units deactivate the emitter on movement through it, but not when they spawn/have it recaptured when they're sitting in it.

Unfortunately I don't have another rewind to test this hypothesis out, at least graphically; I didn't notice any problems in the rendering of the infrared emitter or guard at the time of the bug.
Steps to Reproduce: Save file is enclosed. Activate objective Nanofab to trigger recapturing of the power relay; on enemy turn, guard movement breaks the emitter (and costs me a hefty sum of 1200 credits).


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