First time creating one of these, I'm assuming it's called a thread? Anywho, this topic here is to discuss the new character added in the "Eye of the Tiger Shark" update, Warly! If you don't know about him or have him unlocked, here's what I can tell you about his stats so far: 150 HP 250 Hunger 200 Sanity (According to the wiki), his hunger drains 1.33x faster, and he gets less hunger from eating non crockpot foods. However, consuming crock pot meals give him additional hunger over other characters (not quite certain of the specifics at the moment). He starts with a portable crock pot, which is an inventory item that can be planted and picked back up, and when planted, acts as a crock pot. He also begins with a chef pouch, which only has 4 slots but keeps food inside the pouch fresh longer.   With that in mind, my actual thoughts on the character?   For starters, better than Walani. I really enjoy the concept of a crock pot based character with a portable one, encouraging players to keep in mind recipes in order to keep your hunger high. The chef pouch is also a really nice bonus, and when combined with the portable crock pot, allows him the luxury of making crock pot meals on the go and keeping them nice and fresh. As for his downsides, although his increased hunger drain is off set a bit by his additional hunger from crock pot meals, there can be scenarios (although unlikely), where you can't gather the proper ingredients for any crock pot recipes, forcing you to eat non crock pot meals, which will either make you burn through a lot of resources, or have a lot less hunger overall.   Although with the above scenario being unlikely, I find that overall, Warly could be considered a bit OP. (Then again, I considered Wigfrid OP when she was first released and still believe so, maybe my sanity's low.) If he really needed additional downsides, I'd either say they should make it so he doesn't start with the chef pouch and has to craft it, or maybe make the portable crockpot a bit weaker compared to it's big brother. Perhaps longer cooking times or limited recipes? Durability? Or maybe making the penalties for eating non crock pot foods a bit more? Even maybe to the point of slight sanity loss?   But hey, that's just my opinions on Warly. Overall, I really enjoy him. I'd say he's up there with my favorite characters, Wicker and Wolfgang. DISCUSS!