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[Performance] Bugged spider queen spawn


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Bugged spider queen spawn

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not sure, a queen was positioned next to a pig hut and battled there every day for 120+ days.

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I had a horrible bug wipe a game of mine. Around day 120 or so I noticed the game was getting a little laggy. When I would walk I could get 4-5 steps then the program would stutter for a second and stop me. I was considering burning off the forests on the map thinking it would save system resources when I came across a spot where the lag got worse. The farther I walked the slower the game got until it was almost completely lag locked. Turns out at the center of this lag storm was a bugged spider queen that never stopped spawning spiders. I'm not sure what caused it but the queen was next to a pig house and I noticed them fighting every time I walked passed. You can find a screenshot of the swarm here:


It was so dense as it slowly moved it would push frogs, birds, and anything else it didn't kill along at the edges. The lag was too bad to even consider fighting them and there was nothing to burn in the swamp so it basically ruined the game. There needs to be a limit on the number of followers a spider queen can have at any given time.

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The same thing happened on my game too actually. It lagged like mad but I had survived for going on 100 days by then and I wasn't gonna let that stop me so I gathered up a horde of pigs and we marched into the thick of battle. All the pigs died horribly before I was swallowed in the mass along with them :S

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  • Developer

Oh man...

I've got a village with about 8 Spider Queens in it, but I've never seen anything like that.

I..uhh..I'll have the programmers look into what could be causing that...

(I'm going to have nightmares tonight...)

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