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jakassme    8

playing gnome:

he would function as a item that protects your camp from enemies(hounds,spiders,etc)

durability:he plays the flute for 3 days and 3 nights and when the last day comes the flute breaks the gnome is still intact

area and ratio: the gnome can only play a certain distance and it has a 3/10 percent chance of putting a enemy to sleep

putting down: when putting it down it can either be like a tallbird egg you can pick it up and drop it again or it could be more of a building item that breaks in 3 days

making one: (magic) gnome + pan flute = playing gnome

sanity:it boost your sanity every night if you stay in within range of the gnome

maybe he can play a beautiful flute noise when put down like this

(something beautiful in a world of monsters)

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