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[Graphics] - low performance after restart the game


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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics

Platform: PC

Issue Title: low performance after restart the game

Issue Description: first time start the game it is totally okay with 60 fps fluently, and if I quit game,and restart it again, it got 40 fps very stuttering with it.I have to restart my system to fix it.(I am using steam FPS counter´╝îin the steam settings "in-game"options.)

But I found the problem, it is my Nvidia video card still on the idle mode after the game restart. soon I figure it out, I found fix way:switch it to desktop and starting other games and browser wait few minutes, wait video card's frequency boots to working status,and close all other program but Don't Starve,it will be okay to play.

maybe my new 144hz monitor cause it.

Steps to Reproduce: quit game, and restart.

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