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Sound Bug


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Hope you can find what is causing this :D thanks for your attention.





  • Do you use mods?
             yes, Always on status, auto catch (not working if i dont press space bar the boomerang goes to idk where), autoequip, auto reequip weapon, complete your map, craftable butter, craftable gears, craftable marble, diggable reeds, display food values, evergreen chops on 3, examine traps frist, fastminer, fixed tooth traps, freezer, gem rock (thinks isnt working either), golden spear, health info, lighter logs, minimap hud, pick up fireflies, pickypickypicky, plant lightbulbs, respawnable rocks, rpg hud, season text, smartcrockpot, storm cellar, wall gates, wilson's house with light and wormhole marks
  • Version Number

    Rev. 161129 WIN32_STEAM

    Issue title

    No sound from Goose, Bearger and Dragonfly's roar, wigfrid's voice, endometric fire pit and mine ice.

    Steps to reproduce

    Tried to make a new world without any mod and still the same issue

    Describe your issue
  • Since the last patch in DS I cant hear the roar if thats able to say from the Moose, bearger and dragonfly also wigfrid's voice, endometric fire pit and mine ice.
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