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[Exploit] Pigmen eating whole stacks of fruit .


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Pigmen eating whole stacks of fruit .

Steps to reproduce

- Create pig village of ~4 houses (not sure if the issue is real with any pigman, naturally spawning or artifically spawning)
- Start feeding them cooked berries in order to create poo.
- Using a stack of 40 cooked berries.
-After feeding 3 pigs, while on the 4th, while he was near a berry bush he proceeded to eat the whole stack (~37 cooked berries) and dished out the same amount of poo.

Describe your issue

I have searched for the issue, but have yet to find it as being reported. If it has already, I apologize.

This might very well be an isolated issue, since it only happened once in an 156 day play-through.

After creating an artificial pig village with around 4 houses, I started feeding the pigmen roasted berries in order to obtain more poo.

I was using a stack of 40 roasted berries and after feeding a couple of the pigs, on my next one I clicked on the stack and then on the pigman.

He took the entire stack (around 37 roasted berries) and proceeded to eat them all one after the other (the stack was gone from my inventory).

He continuously ate and pooped thus leaving 37 pieces of poo underneath him (on the exact same spot) after he was done.
(I don't know if this is important, while I was feeding him he was right next to a berry bush that had already been harvested. Also, I'm not exactly sure, but I might have pushed him slightly beforehand).

It very well may not be an exploit per say since I have tried and failed to reproduce the bug and it doesn't exactly give you any clear advantage except maybe obtaining way too much poo at once.

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This glitch happens when you put the rest of the stack back in your inventory too fast (before the pigman eats one food off the stack), he'll then eat all the stack.

oh, and it already got reported several times.

BTW, you can also feed them raw berries and vegetables and flowers to get poo.

And putting stacks of food on the ground is the fastest rightful way to get poo off them.

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