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[Gameplay] World Generation Issues


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World Generation Issues

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Run between the new land areas and if you get enough lead from the hounds, they get stuck on the angles of the terrain.

Far too many graves/tallbirds/etc - due to the high point values of grave contents it is very easy to unlock the learning in just a few days.

General resource balance and mob population tweaking.

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A few items I thought may be considered bugs or at least balancing issues:

1. It is easy to get the hounds 'stuck' on the terrain between biomes with the new generation system. All you have to do is get them to chase you across a sufficiently angled bridge and they get caught on jagged edges.

2. There are far too many graves and tallbirds. One of my smaller areas had at least 30, probably three times that. I didn't actually see them all before being killed. Too easy to collect and quickly burn through all the unlocking. One of my other areas had multiple tallbirds right next to one another. Again, I upset them... so I did my best to run and couldnt actually see them all.

3. This was mentioned before but resource balancing as been rough. Especially in the starting area. Trees are far too sparse. There are some stretches of several screens with nothing at all.

4. Way too many spider nests and tentacles. Frogs seem ok, but I do have an area with about 20-25 rabbits within a screen or two. Birds are all over the place. I also did an accidental forest burn and caused about 35 spider nests to pop at once. The spider horde was chasing me!

5. Some areas have geometric patterns to their resources. It's kinda odd with the grass tufts growing in grid-like patterns or checkerboards.

6. Trees are overly dense in parts of the forest area. Yes, I get it's a forest, but I've seen a few extremely dense clumps of trees.

7. I had a completely empty and very large beefalo area. No beefalo, but plenty of grass!

8. One of the swamp areas - had several - had about 4-5 continuous screens of empty area. It was swamp, but nothing was in it. Not even tentacles.

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  • Developer

Yes, we are still tweaking the functionality of the new world generation system. There are quite a few bugs and balancing issues which we will be addressing in the next couple of months.

Thanks for the feedback!

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