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Character Textures are Fuzzy Looking

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FreeSpirit    3

I have a mod of my own that I'm trying to redraw the graphics on as they were in need for a remake. But when I put them in and check it out in game just to see how it looks, they appear fuzzy and have a slight white outline on them as well as noticeable tints of a color in squares around the textures.


It only looks fine when it's zoomed in a lot in game. So I don't know if it's because the outlines are too thin or there's an issue with transparency.


Here's a couple of screenshots:


This one is after selecting my mod which shows a very close up version of it, which looks pretty ok to me.


But when in game, it looks like this and makes it hardly distinguishable.


Zooming in on it makes you see his face a lot better.


Any help/advice?

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PanAzej    2071

I had a similar problem, resizing the image to make it more blurry helped.

I'm not really sure why this happens, I just know that making the edges blurry fixes this.

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