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mcumba    4

Hi guys, so i'm here to trade away my tuxedo. I'm not really using it, so i'd like to try some other distinguished item, like the coat with fur around the neck... Just not the body shell. Brr, ugly. I'm open to GoH trades offers too. I dont need any backpack skin tho, because i'm always rushing piggyback when i have cane for those sweet extra slots...

And i just wanted to share my luck story with you: .

I join a server, i get a mess dress while waiting at spawn. Some hours later, same server, next gift, tuxedo! And opening my first tumbleweed, gears. Next tumbleweed, gears. Third tumbleweed, 2 junk to give pig king.... What are the odds? Like one in a billion... Not that i'm complaining, thats amazing, but i thought my GF was with another man! You scare me Klei

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