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CaptKnuckles    10

in my opinion a boomarang would be a really cool item, and to get it, you would need to dig it up from a grave. It would break pretty easily and it would not do that much damage (probably the same amount as a shovel). If you get some flint and a couple of webs, you can add some sharpness to the boomarang (when upgraded, it would do the same amount of damage as the spear, but the durability would run out much faster than before)

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mobius187    30

Well to upgrade it you would need a crafting formula, which would mean it would need to be a locked invention. Since your bommerang comes from a grave, this would mean players would need to realize they cannot actually craft the upgraded boomerang unless they can find the bommerang itself... and as all graves are random... well.

Of course that's not to say using grave items to craft items isn't plausible. In fact, I've made similar suggestions for the wires and dentures, of course those suggestions involved having the player come across a random location spawned on the map rather than from the Science Machine or Alchemy Machine directly.

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