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[Gameplay] Straw Hat Stays

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Straw Hat Stays

Steps to reproduce

Wear a straw hat. Get the materials for making another hat. In my case miner's hat. Make the new hat while still wearing the straw hat.

Describe your issue

The straw hat doesn't go away instead you get both the new hat and the straw hat.

It seemed fishy to me so I reported it as a bug.

Also after the miner's hat ran out of juice it gave me back a new straw hat. Idk if that's supposed to happen as well.

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Wade    326

No, when you build a new hat, you get to keep your old hat. That way you can switch between the different hats for different purposes.

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L0stLP    38

I though the active headgear did not count as a item in you're inventory and therefore it can not be used in crafting while it is on the head, this I know from crafting Spider Hats and Miner Hats, so I do not know how you crafted a hat using a item that was "technically" not in you're inventory.

If however you had 2 Straw hats, one active and one in you're inventory to be used for the miner's hat crafting, then I do not see what wold be the problem.

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