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[Gameplay] Strange behaviours in a long-term play


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Ok, so it's 600+ days behind in Survival mode so far. And there are some issues that I've noticed. I'm not sure whether they are exactly related with a long-term playing. Here's a list:

  • Rabbits stopped being catched by the traps. In the beggining of the game they got caught fine, but from some point something went wrong and they stopped being caught. There is a plenty of set traps around me and I see rabbits around them, but traps don't trigger.  
  • Some frogs spawned in the ocean during the frog rain; some rock lobsters also were found in the abyss; saw some bee in the ocean also
  • Butterflies cannot be fed if they are inside of Snow Chester
  • I found some strange "set piece" in the overworld during daylight hours. 3 bunnymen were sleeping near a single orphan eyeplant (without lureplant nearby) and 2 moleworms. They all spawned sometime in the mid-game because they were not there when I was at that place of world previous time.
  • A moleworm fell in the caves during an earthquake and several rock lobsters aggroed on him and started to attack him. Though he didn't receive any damage and continued to lay down in a "ready-to-be-picked-up" state. I picked him up and the aggroed lobsters started to follow me
  • My glommer-buddy died, but the flower doesn't start to spoil. And new glommer doesn't spawn near the statue on full moon (not on the first day, nor on the second). "c_gonext("glommer")" command also does nothing.
  • Not a single mandrake spawned in the whole surface world despite the appropriate option set to "default" value. By the way only single tallbird and a single walrus camp spawned in the world despite of the same appropriate option value (default)
  • Dragonfly spawns extremely rare. I'd say it stopped spawn at all. It spawned two times sometime in the beggining (0-150 days or something like that) and both times I "cheated" it by Alt+F4 the game (and it didn't respawn on the same days after that again). But days gone by and I noticed that it completely stopped spawning. Whereas the rest giants spawn from time to time during the appropriate seasons.

I am not sure about ability to stable reproduce them (except the issue with feeding butterflies) so what can we do to catch the details of these or similar issues? Maybe collect some debug/logging info?


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