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[H] Dota 2 x4 and Inventory Items [W] Dont Starve 2 (Christmas Smile ? )

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Hey just wondering if anyone would like to trade an extra Don't Starve key they have for my Dota 2s and items within my inventory. I think one of the TF 2 hats is rare I'm not sure. I'm really obsessed with watching videos of this game and have been in love with the look of it since I first saw it ! :3 I can't wait to pick this game up but unless I can trade for it I'll probably wait till my birthday which is fine but patience is not my strong suit. Anyway if you want to trade add me on steam or something and it'll make my christmas ! :D Steam ID

Or if you just want to talk about games or play something on my playlist hit me up. The community here is full of nice people :p (Btw im just a lurker on the forums)

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