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[Suggestion] Tameable monkeys

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Muflak    31

I always wanted monkeys in DS, but I never liked the cave monkeys very much. Right now the new monkeys are more or less the same than their cave brothers and sisters.


Well, Klei already mentioned that they are working on making the new monkeys "cool". Here is one idea how to make the monkeys a bit more useful and not just annoying (they really deserve this in my opinion, straight because they have some of the greatest and sweetest animal animations in DS :love_heart:  and monkeys and islands belong together, you know!)


Suggestion: Tameable monkeys


- you need some kind of craftable monkey god statue or someting similiar to tame a monkey, maybe a staff which shoots at a monkey and paralyzes him

- if you tamed a monkey you can catch him (just like Guybrush did :love-struck: )

- now you can use this monkey for new recipes:


- monkey boat cannon (just like the cannon you now have a poop throwing temporary companion in your boat who will attack everyting at sea you want to

- a temporary monkey farm worker. This guy uses him poop to grow the finest fruits or vegetables in your garden.



What do you think? Any other ideas to finally make the monkeys cool?


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Billythesquig    126

monkeys are already tameable, feed one a banana and they all stop stealing from you and one follows you till the charm wears off, like pigs except they run around like a kid on the verge of a sugar induced psychotic episode, great for getting snakes off your back good for sanity and you can charm more than one and get them to fight each other for free junk

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