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Mr. Higgsbury II

[Exploit] Infinite grass/twigs/berries

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Issue title

Infinite grass/twigs/berries

Steps to reproduce

Plant these items close together. Set on fire. Save and quit when all if it is alight. Come back and everything is re-grown.

Describe your issue

Accidentally had Willow catch fire to a farm and I left because I needed to do something. I came back and everything was re grown.

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BarovSoap    878

I think I may have figured out why but I could be so far from the answer that it should be illegal to suggest such a thought.

My thought is that when they catch fire, it sets it back to the full plant so it could burn as that is the only version of that specific plant burning (reason they appear fine when you return). I think the tree turns to a burnt tree is the tree has a burnt image while the plants do not, giving them the only other image (that isn't harvested or wilted of course, no burnt image).

Possible fixes I thought of:

1) Add a burnt version of all other plant types

2) Harvested plants burn instantly

3) Harvested plants don't burn at all (terrible idea lol)

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Wade    321

We're aware of the exploit, but we still haven't decided how we're going to fix it yet.

Likely, we'll set it so that the burnt status is triggered immediately, so that the burning animation will remain the same length of time, but if you save/load, the bushes will be gone as if they had already gone through the full animation.

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