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[Gameplay] Random primary input


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Do you use mods?

Version Number

Issue Title: 
Random primary input
Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Start game
2. Load/create a map
3. Experience random input 

Issue Description: An older issue mentioned in this link: http://forums.kleien...-while-playing/

So I'm using a Dell Inspiron n5110 and A Genius Micro Traveler 330LS mouse. I'm experiencing random primary input throughout the game and sometimes I have to click at least twice on the buttons in the menu.

Things I have tried:
- Updating mouse driver
- Updating trackpad driver 
- Trying out either the mouse or the trackpad (the other disabled/disconnected)
- And the best is I disabled the trackpad and disconnected the mouse and the problem still persists!

- I haven't had a controller connected to the laptop
- Haven't installed a driver for a controller either

I don't experience this problem in Don't Starve Together

After all this I'm completely lost as to why this happens.

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Hey there, unfortunately if you have tried different mice and this issue is still happening, this is either due to a driver or setting on the laptop in question that is causing a conflict with the devices and how they interact with the game. Alas, you may have to contact your laptop manufacturer for support with that.

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