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[Gameplay] Tier 1 Spider Eggs Turn Into Queens When Destroyed


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Tier 1 Spider Eggs Turn Into Queens When Destroyed

Steps to reproduce

Burn down an entire forest full of tier 3 and 1 eggs and spider queens.
Then attack with spear and break any tier 1 spider nest.
Wait a few seconds.
Turns into a spider queen.
Note: All tier 1 nests in my world have gone through a whole cycle.

Describe your issue

I'm not fully sure but, I was just mass burning down a forest because the amount of spiders was "too damn high". After I burned most of the forest up, I went to destroy some surviving tier 1 eggs. But, every time I destroyed one, after a few seconds its remains would turn into a spider queen! As proof of the matter please refer to the pictures:






Those images depict me destroying and egg and it turning into a queen.

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