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[Exploit] - Installed Augment on Character with no Augment Space Available

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BadWiid    1

Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Installed Augment on Character with no Augment Space Available
Issue Description: Draco had 3 full augment slots, visited a nanofab and bought another which the game then allowed me to install.
Steps to Reproduce: 
The previous mission was a cybernetics lab, I used one of the augment machines to add the third slot onto Draco, then used the second augment machine to fill the slot.
This mission was also a cybernetics lab but I used both machines to upgrade Nika. Several turns later I used Incognita to hack the nanofab and him to buy the augment. When presented with the 'install or inventory' I thought I'd try installing it anyway.

I was streaming at the time so I've sliced out a highlight to show the purchase:





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