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Where to find new DST strings for translation

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Mumbling    2

Hi guys! I'm back to be annoying again.


So I made a Dutch translation for the original Don't Starve 2 years ago, and updated that recently for RoG. Now I wanted to translate Don't Starve Together as well, as some have asked me to. I opened poedit, got the strings.pot from \steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\scripts\languages and made the translation. Immediately I noticed that there were only 60 or so new strings which I found rather little. I updated the modinfo and modmain based on the French translation for DST, then uploaded it through Don't Starve Mod tools.


Now I have no idea what I'm missing, but literally nothing in the translation works. Obviously I haven't even found the strings for multiplayer stuff like 'logging in' and 'server', but even those that should've been translated are still in English when the mod is enabled. I'm just a translator and a complete noob when it comes to modding, so can anyone be so kind as to tell me what to do and where to find the new strings?


See attrached files for my translation info.


Edit: I took the French file from the Steam Workshop and just edited that file so I would have all the strings, but the problem of it not working in-game still applies.


Edit2: Nedermind, it randomly works now for no apparent reason. Can close topic.



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