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(Gameplay/Exploit) Dragonfly Code Breaking

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Quyzbuk    601

Steam PC version (current, w/RoG)

No mods


Issue title
Unintentionally breaking game code 

Issue Description
So I was playing through the game as usual, currently in the summer season, and the Dragonfly announces its soon to be arrival. I gather my old bell, pan flute, and an ice staff to deal with the threat and head to a relatively open spot as the fight is about to begin.


I hit the dragonfly with my melee weapon, run away as it stomped in its firey mode, and proceeded to ring the old bell as it was coming to me. Now normally I just put it to sleep right before big foot stomps the area and get out of the way so I don't get squashed myself. I had an ice staff on hand so to save myself from getting smacked I also decided to make use of this. What happened differently this time compared to every other time though is that the Dragonfly was unable to unfreeze itself after it was stepped on... granting me the easiest kill I've had on him yet.


I've encountered a similar issue on DST (obviously slightly different circumstances since there is no old bell in the multiplayer version), but it seems to be relatively the same, where if you interrupt it as it is about to perform its next action (we're talking almost frame perfect here mind you), it just outright breaks the enemy and it is stuck unable to act until you de-aggro it from putting some distance between it and the player. So in this case with the single player version, it was about to break free of its frozen state when it got stomped on, but instead of returning to normal, ended up remaining frozen after the hit, as well as while I finished it off with my melee weapon afterward. 


I'm VERY willing to bet this would happen with the other giants / ancient guardian under the same conditions, but they are notably less dangerous than the Dragonfly tends to be so I doubt I will test it.


(Oh and the DST version I posted about a while back, but the short version is that I managed to break it as it was about to spawn larvae by putting it to sleep, as well as a couple of times by stunning it from heavy incoming damage right before it was able to do so. 


Steps to Reproduce

  • 1) Hit the dragonfly to enrage it
  • 2) Quickly move to a safe distance and ring the old bell
  • 3) Use the pan flute to hold him where the foot will stomp
  • 4) Freeze him with an ice staff to ensure it stays put to get hit by the stomp

Again I just want to state that this happened during the very small window as it was about to break free from its frozen state, so if this ends up being tested, don't expect to get it first try.

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JanH    6,835

Thanks for the bug report and for the repro steps. I'll mention it to our programmers and see if they can look into it when they have an opportunity.

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