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[Gameplay] Manure producing.

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StanT    10

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Manure producing.

Steps to reproduce

Give raw morsels to pigs.

Describe your issue

The way of getting manure giving raw morsels to pigs, don't work, I don't know if it shouldn't work after patches, but i was doing as wiki sayed.

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Wade    321

As mentioned, the wiki is likely incorrect.

When giving meat\morsels to Pigmen, they will become your friend for a period of time, and will follow you around, helping you chop trees and fight creatures. They will not drop any manure from being given the food though.

When they are given petals\vegetables, the Pigmen will drop a manure item, but will not become your friend.

Once a Pigman has been given petals\vegetables and has dropped manure, attempting to give them additional petals\vegetables too Soon afterwards will have them waving you away as their stomachs are full.

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Wade    321

I can see how it could be confusing.

Unfortunately, we are not involved in the writing or compiling of information for the wiki. While most information will hopefully be accurate on the wiki, there is always the possibility of a wiki contributor posting incorrect information.

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