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[Resolved] Getting off the map


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Top of the morning blokes I just got a bug when my champ got off the regular map to the water. So im now swimming per se. 



Its quite troublesome to say the least, I'd like to present now who did this, on earth, happened:

So was I planting the lureplant near the ledge I tell you, standing between it and the ledge. Looks like the malicious vegetable pushed me into the water for the eternity to die. I was able to attack, kill it then to pick it up again as an item but cant go back on the map, no matter how hard I try.

So Im asking politely, could somebody tell me how to get out of this unpleasant situation? Is there a way? Maybe codes? If I cant play this world again I will be pretty sad, to say the least.

Below I present the screenshot of my current location.


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Ah, it looks like you have run into a rare bug. You will be able to get back to land by using console command that will teleport you to the item or location that you name. 


To do that, hit the Tilde key (~) and type in the following: c_gonext("cave_entrance") and press the enter key. Or you can replace ("") with a location or item of your choice. For example, c_gonext("researchlab") will teleport you to a science machine that you have crafted.


Press Ctrl+L to remove the code on the screen and resume your game.

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