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Modding Knowledge base ?

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Nicolews    28

Hey everyone,


I was playing around with the new mod-api and trying to figure things out, and I was wondering if anyone had already built a knowledge base or anything to help me figure things out ?



For now, the only data I found is inside homedrone's very helpful api demo mod (in Steam Workshop. Thanks to him for that wonderful .doc inside).


Sadly it didn't cover alarm states, so I was pretty much on my own there. I got the hang of the basics by now, and am currenty reverse engineering the sim object to figure out what is doable, and it occured to me that maybe someone already did that (or that Klei has a helpful guide hidden somewhere, maybe ?) ?



If not, I'll be happy to share my findings if anyone is interested to get that thing started.



Thanks for reading !


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Loscil2    81

I'm interested.

I also read that document you mentioned from the XMPL mod, but I can't figure out the parameters that some functions take (or even the same functions)

It's not as intuitive but it tackles some points.

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