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[Gameplay] Butterflies to flowers


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Butterflies to flowers

Steps to reproduce

1. Catch butterfly with net.
2. Pick up butterfly from inventory.
3. 'Plant' butterfly
4. Puzzle over flower.

Describe your issue

Had set up my bee box near home, and wanted flowers closer to the box for possible faster production. Was running around with bug net equipped after harvesting the box, and happened to catch a butterfly. Went to release it, and instead it planted a flower. Repeated a half dozen times to confirm not a fluke, and each time got a flower, but am unable to simply dig up flowers like most other plants.

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  • Developer

Yes, this is the way it is supposed to work.

Releasing a Butterfly creates a flower in the spot where it is released. This is so the User can position flowers near their base camp for their bees and butterflies.


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